Alcantara Estate Vineyards Experience with Tasting

From USD $150.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Sedona, AZ
  • Product code: PW0JN1
If you just want to dip your toes into the river and enjoy some of Northern Arizona’s best wines, then this is your perfect tour. At just three hours long, this tour takes you to one of the most pristine and beautiful settings, Alcantara Vineyard, the largest estate vineyard of the region. 

Our tour begins with admiring the abundance of red rock formations that surround our region as we travel west out of Sedona towards Alcantara Vineyard. Upon arrival, you will see why this is one of our favorite spots. Nestled on the banks of the Verde River, Alcantara is a beautiful place to relax and sample Arizona wines, sunshine and the company of those you cherish. From the back deck and lawn, you will see caves and Indian ruins that date back to over 1,000 years ago.

Encompassing nearly 80 acres of available land, this is also the area’s largest continuous vineyard. The vineyard produces about 15 different wines annually, ranging from fruity whites to big and bold reds. There is sure to be a wine here to meet your fancy. For those liking dessert wines, we love their Port.

We can even take a stroll down through the vineyard to the wedding chapel located on premises. Also on the property is the confluence of the Oak Creek and the Verde River. For those of you that may be enjoying the Oak Creek while visiting Sedona, this is where it ends and turns into the Verde River. This connection point of two waterways, the confluence, inspired the name for one of Alcantara Vineyard’s finest wines. In the limestone cliffs adjacent to where these rivers meet, you will see cliff dwellings dating back to the Anasazi and Sinagua Indian cultures.

If your tour takes place on a Friday or Saturday, and we can get you to the vineyard by 11:30 a.m., you will also experience a special vineyard tour by one of the knowledgeable staff of Alcantara.

Note: If your tour runs later than your scheduled time or you choose to extend your tour, you are responsible for the added time at our normal rates.

Minimum of 2 people required

  • Vineyard Tour
  • Complimentary Photo's
  • Vehicle base tour